Taib cousins caught red-handed - explosive new video vindicates BMF's corruption allegations

Taib cousins caught red-handed - explosive new video vindicates BMF's corruption allegations

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends,

An explosive new video released today by Global Witness vindicates the Bruno Manser Fund's corruption allegations against the family of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud ("Taib").


In the video, Taib cousins Norlia Abdul Rahman and Fatimah Abdul Rahman propose a land deal to an undercover Global Witness investigator who poses as a foreign investor interested in purchasing land from the Sarawak state government. The Global Witness investigator approached the Regional Corridor Development Aurhority (RECODA) saying that he wanted to invest in oil palm plantations in Sarawak. He was then directed to the Taib family members.

The video shows how government officials, Taib family members, local tycoons and lawyers are working hand in hand in an enormous illegal land grab that is depriving Sarawak's indigenous people of their native lands.

Huang Lung Ong, the nephew of Sarawak timber tycoon Hii Yii Peng explains to the camera how Taib needs to be granted a 10 percent commission in major land deals in the state. Sarawak lawyer Alvin Chong explains to the camera how nominees are used to conceal the real ownership of oil palm plantations and how Taib would pull then strings from behind the scenes but "never appear" in the deal.

Research by the Bruno Manser Fund and Sarawak Report released in 2012 has shown that 200'000 hectares of oil palm plantantion land with an estimated worth of USD 500 million have been given to the Taib family by Sarawak's Land and Survey Department in three years alone.

The Bruno Manser Fund calls on the Royal Malaysian Police to act immediately on the latest evidence of Taib family corruption and detain Norlia Abdul Rahman, Fatimah Abdul Rahman, Huang Long Ong and Alivn Chong for questioning. Furthermore, we demand that prosecutors around the globe will declare the Taib family a criminal organization and hold them accountable for their illegal activities.

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