Swiss prosecutors increase pressure on Malaysia over 1MDB investigation

Swiss prosecutors increase pressure on Malaysia over 1MDB investigation

BERN/ SWITZERLAND Swiss prosecutors are increasing pressure on Malaysia to provide mutual legal assistance in the ongoing investigation on the Malaysian state fund 1MDB. Following a first request made last January, the Swiss are requesting further legal assistance over additional missing USD 800 million misappropriated "from investments in natural resources made by the SRC sovereign fund." The Swiss authorities suspect that a Ponzi scheme was used to conceal misappropriations from state-controlled SRC and 1MDB funds. Currently, four individuals and one bank are under investigation by the Swiss federal prosecutors.

The Office of the Attorney General also stated that, while it had received documentary evidence from the authorities in Singapore, it was still waiting for Malaysia to cooperate with its investigation: "The OAG remains confident that the two requests for mutual legal assistance made to the authorities in Malaysia will be executed."

The Bruno Manser Fund calls on the Swiss government to suspend trade talks with Malaysia until the Malaysian authorities provide full mutual legal assistance in the Swiss Attorney General’s 1MDB investigation.


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