Swiss Attorney General extends 1MDB investigations

(BERN, SWITZERLAND) According to a new press release of the Attorney General of Switzerland's office (OAG), the Swiss criminal proceedings in the 1MDB case have been extended to two former Emirati officials, in charge of Abu Dhabi sovereign funds. The OAG also sent two requests for mutual legal assistance to Luxembourg and Singapore.

In an extraordinary move, the OAG is also announcing that the Swiss authorities have elements in hand allowing them to suspect "that the amounts paid in connection with this guarantee were not returned to the Abu Dhabi sovereign fund that supported the commercial risk. To the contrary, these funds would have benefited others, particularly two public officials concerned as well as a company related to the motion picture industry."

This announcement is a clear hint that the OAG has evidence in hand connecting 1 MDB to Red Granite Pictures, a film production company set up by Riza Aziz, the stepson of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Red Granite Pictures is the producer of Martin Scorsese's motion picture "The Wolf of Wall Street", starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

In January, the OAG announced that it had requested mutual legal assistance from Malaysia over the 1MDB scandal only days after the Malaysian Attorney General, Mohamed Apandi Ali, cleared the Malaysian Prime Minster, Najib Razak, of any wrongdoing over $680m payments into his personal bank account.

It remains unclear if the Malaysian authorities are granting legal assistance to the Swiss investigations.

Last week, Swiss bank regulator FINMA said it had opened proceedings against seven Swiss banks over its role in the Malaysian 1MDB and the Brasilian Petrobras corruption scandals. In both cases, the Prime Ministers of these countries are deeply implicated into the alleged embezzlement of state funds.







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