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30.04.2014Laundering Dirty Rainforest Dollars? Manulife's dodgy deals with a Malaysian potentate's daughterReport dealing with Manulife's involvement with Malaysian potentate Taib Mahmudmanulife_sakto_report.pdf (1.6MB)
26.02.2014Malaysian MP sues Sarawak potentate Taib Mahmud over unconstitutional commercial activitiesAccording to the statement of claim, Taib has breached the constitution.Statement_of_Claim.png (51.1KB)
11.02.2014Chief Minister Taib's majority control of Sakti, a US company 50% of Sakti's shares are being held by two of Taib's brothers and three of his children "in trust of Taib"sakti_taib_family_shares.jpg (157.7KB)
10.02.2014Chiefminister Taib is director and shareholder of Mesti Bersatu."The Chief Minister shall not hold any office of profit and shall not actively engage in any commercial enterprise."Mesti_Bersatu_Sdn_Bhd.pdf (262.8KB)
16.10.2013Norway blacklists Ta AnnThe Norwegian Government's Pension Fund Global has blacklisted Ta Ann Holdings.ta_ann_eng.pdf (2.13MB)
16.10.2013Norway blacklists WTKThe Norwegian Government's Pension Fund Global has blacklisted WTK Holdings Bhd.WTK_eng.pdf (13.62MB)
06.11.2012Timber and Palm Oil Concessions Map in North East Sarawak - 21st May 2010A Forest Department Sarawak map showing timber and palm oil concessions in North East Sarawak 2010Concessions_SarForstDep_NE_Sarawak_comp.jpg (6.91MB)
20.09.2012The Taib Timber Mafia - Facts and Figures on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) from Sarawak, MalaysiaReport detailing the wealth of the Malaysian Taib family.BMF_Taib_family_report_2012_09_20.pdf (7MB)
04.06.2012Complaint against Malaysia for non-implementation of the UN Convention against CorruptionLetter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UNODC Director Yuri Fedotovun_complaint_UNCAC_UNTOC_2012_06_04.pdf (255.2KB)
22.04.2012UBS in the Corruption JungleArticle by Swiss weekly Sonntagszeitung on the money-laundering investigation against Sbah Chief Minister Musa AmanSonntagszeitung_on_Musa_Aman_investigation.pdf (70.2KB)
22.04.2012Swiss authorities' comment on Musa Aman investigationStatement by Swiss authorities on legal assistance provided to Hong Kong in the Musa Aman caseStatement_by_Swiss_Authorities_on_Mus..._money.pdf (51.2KB)
19.01.2012Mapping Taib's land grabs - The dataA detailed table showing land that has been leased in Sarawak to Taib linked companiesMapping_Taib_s_Land_Grabs___NEW_Blatt1_1.pdf (128KB)
19.01.2012Companies linked to Taib which have been leased palm oil land in SarawakA summary of companies linked to Taib which have been leased palm oil landCompanies_linked_to_Taib_which_have_b...lm_oil.pdf (101.3KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Letter00 - NGO coalition letter calling for the arrest of Abdul Taib MahmudTaib_Arrest_Letter_1.pdf (905.5KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 101 - Overview of the Taib Family Overview_of_the_Taib_Family_1.pdf (49.4KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 202 - List of 417 Taib family-linked companies in 25 countries and offshore jurisdictions.Companies_linked_to_Taib_Mahmud_1.pdf (93.7KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 303 - Taib family companies in Malaysia and their net assetsTaib_Family_Companies_Malaysia_Blatt1.pdf (88.1KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 404 - Detailed financial information on 14 major Taib controlled companies Top_14_companies_Blatt1.pdf (36.1KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 505 - List of Canadian companies with links to the Taib family. Taib_companies_Canada_UPDATED.pdf (63KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 606 - Industry Canada records on Sakto Corporation Corp_Canada_Sakto_Records.pdf (1.26MB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 707 - Annual return 2001 and latest annual return for Ridgeford Properties Limited, United KingdomRidgeford_Properties_Annual_Return.pdf (128KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 808 - List of US companies with proven ties to the Malaysian Taib family.US_Taib_companies.pdf (66.5KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 909 - Ross J Boyert vs. Sakti International Corporation and Wallysons Inc. 2007BOYERT_COURT_CASE_DEPOSITION.pdf (1.37MB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1010 - List of Officers and Directors of Sakti Corporation, USA, 1987Directors_Sakti_International_1988.pdf (105.7KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1111 - Documentation of the transfer of property from CSY Investments to W.A Boylston Inc, 1991Transfer_from_CSY_to_WA_Boylston_1991.pdf (930.2KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1212 - Action by unanimous written consent of the board of directors of Sakti Corp, 1988Unanimous_written_concent_of_directors_1988.jpg (173KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1313 - List of Australian Companies linked to the Taib FamilyAustralian_Companies_linked_to_Taib_family.pdf (56.2KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1414 - Company Extract on Sitehost Pty Ltd, AustraliaASIC_Sitehost_Pty_Ltdcompany_extract.pdf (75.5KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 1515 - Richfold Investment Limited Annual Return, 1984, Hong KongRichfold_Investment_Limited_Annual_Re...1984_1.pdf (425.5KB)
12.12.2011Taib Arrest Exhibit 16 16 - Annual Return Regent Star Company Limited, 1984, Hong KongAnnual_Return_Regent_Star_Limited_1984_2.pdf (442.8KB)
07.12.2011Sakto's legal lettersTranscript of letters by Sakto Corporation to Global Television, TorontoTranscript_legal_letter.pdf (65.1KB)
05.12.2011BMF Research on Companies Linked to the Malaysian Taib FamilyList of Taib companies, financial information and Taib family overviewBMF_Research___Companies_linked_to_Ma...family.pdf (623.5KB)
14.11.2011Letter by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office to BMFMinister of State Jeremy Browne MP states Britain will investigate Taib, monitor MACCreply_fco_2011_11_08.pdf (102.4KB)
25.10.2011Taib's foreign helpers (small)Poster naming individuals who have helped Taib Mahmud and his familyTaibs_foreign_helpers_poster_small.pdf (763.6KB)
25.10.2011Taib's foreign helpers (large)Poster naming individuals who have helped Taib Mahmud and his familyTaibs_foreign_helpers_poster_large.pdf (2.82MB)
10.10.2011Letter by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to BMFReply to Taib money-laundering allegations on behalf of Minister for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd MPresponse_australian_foreign_ministry.pdf (56.4KB)
01.10.2011Letter by the Canadian Minister of Finance to BMFMinister James M. Flaherty's reply to money-laundering allegations against Sakto Corporation, Ottawareply_can_finance_minister_flaherty.pdf (142KB)
12.09.2011Letter by the German Ministry of Finance to BMFGerman Ministry of Finance confirms investigation of Deutsche Bank's ties with TaibStatement_Bundesfinanzministerium_05_09_2011.pdf (95.2KB)
09.09.2011SARAWAK: NATIONAL FRONT'S "SAFE DEPOSIT" SECUREUS Kuala Lumpur embassy cable to Washington, dated 02 November 2009, as released by Wikileakswikileaks_2009_11_02_on_sarawak.pdf (190.2KB)
09.09.2011Sarawak: Opposition adrift; indigenous peoples lack services; police reject criticismUS Kuala Lumpur embassy cable to Washington, dated 13 October 2006, as released by Wikileakswikileaks_sarawak_2006_10_13.pdf (144.6KB)
01.09.2011BMF letter to the Australian Prime MinisterAllegations of unlawful Taib family activities in Australiabmf_letter_to_pm_gillard_australia_scan.pdf (278.6KB)
01.09.2011Australian Companies with links to the Taib familyList of 15 Australian companies and their ties to the Taib familyaustralian_taib__companies_A_Z.pdf (57.1KB)
26.08.2011Letter to FBI Director Robert MuellerAllegations against Wallysons Inc and other Taib-linked US companiesletter_to_fbi_director_mueller.pdf (291.6KB)
12.05.2011Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey on suspected Taib assets in Swiss banksEnglish translation of letter to the Bruno Manser Fundletter_calmy_rey_bmf_english.pdf (32.6KB)
14.03.2011Plea to oust rulers razing Borneo jungleSunday Times article on this campaign by Michael Sheridan, 13 March 2011sunday_times_13_march_2011.jpg (285.5KB)
08.03.2011Development of Global Timber Tycoons in Sarawak, East Malaysia - History and Company ProfilesReport on Sarawak timber industry by Daniel Faeh, University of Bernebmf_report_sarawak_timber_tycoons.pdf (7.49MB)
20.02.2011The blacklist of Taib's secret foreign assetsExclusive list of companies related to the Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmudblack_list_taib_assets_2011_02_21.pdf (80.2KB)
19.02.2011Rain forest robberyTong Tana March 2011 - Bruno Manser Fund Newsletter (english)tong_tana_march_2011.pdf (1.41MB)
18.02.2011Razzia sur la forêt pluvialeTong Tana mars 2011 - Magazine du BMF (français)tong_tana_mars_2011.pdf (1.59MB)
18.02.2011Raubzug auf den RegenwaldTong Tana März 2011 - Newsletter des Bruno Manser Fonds (deutsch)Tong_Tana_Maerz_2011.pdf (1.59MB)
VICTORY for international anti-corruption campaign as Hollywood actor announces he’ll return donations received from Malaysian Prime Minister’s associates – Bruno Manser Fund calls for full disclosure of actor’s financial ties to Riza Aziz, Jho Low and Red Granite Pictures




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